An Insightful Conversation with Magnus, Sales Solution Lead at HELUKABEL

"Harmony between sales and technology forms a dynamic blend that fuels my energy and motivation."

Magnus Bäckman, Sales Solution Lead at HELUKABEL

Magnus begins by sharing his impressive background in sales, where he has built his career since 1997. With experience as a sales manager and regional manager in various industries and at companies such as SESOL, HiFi Klubben, and Orbotech, his primary focus has always been expansion and growth, with clear goals to capture market shares and strengthen companies.

Magnus highlights his burning passion for both technology and sales, explaining how this combination has driven him throughout his career. His passion for technology was particularly prominent during his time at Orbotech, where visibility and customer visits were central elements of his strategies.

Furthermore, he reflects on what attracted him to HELUKABEL, emphasizing the company's broad product range and the ability to cover many different industries. He sees the potential to gain market shares and highlights the company's flexibility and proximity to customers as significant strengths.

"We always try to go the extra mile for our customers; we consult, offer logistics solutions, and create agreements that help them on their growth journey."

Magnus passionately shares the central responsibilities that define his role as Sales Solution Lead at HELUKABEL. He emphasizes the importance of building and nurturing long-term relationships as a fundamental strategy for the company's success.

"Creating contacts is crucial for us. We strive to build and strengthen long-lasting relationships, both with existing and new customers. It's about expanding and deepening our network and creating a platform for mutual growth."

He further emphasizes the importance of visibility and market presence as a key component in his role as Sales Solution Lead.

"For me, it's not just a goal but a necessity to be seen and heard. By actively participating in events such as trade shows, visiting our customers, listening to their concerns, we aim to increase our visibility and create awareness about HELUKABEL. It's about being present and putting the company on the map."

A nationwide tour is also part of his strategy to demonstrate HELUKABEL's commitment and presence in the market.

"The implementation of a nationwide tour is a powerful way for us to show our commitment and presence across the country. It gives us the opportunity to interact directly with our customers and partners, strengthen relationships, and at the same time position HELUKABEL as a reliable player in the market."

Magnus delves into strategies to gain more market shares by emphasizing the importance of building long-term relationships. HELUKABEL's strengths, such as product breadth, expertise, and flexibility, are highlighted as fundamental to emphasize when focusing on visibility and expansion.

"We aim to create long-lasting relationships through well-thought-out agreements. Our strengths in agility and expertise make us flexible in the market."

He goes on to clarify his long-term goals for HELUKABEL - to double the turnover and establish the company as the top choice for customers when it comes to cables. He also emphasizes the pride he feels in being part of HELUKABEL and how this sentiment will resonate in the industry.

"My vision for HELUKABEL is for us to be the immediate association when industry colleagues think of cables."

Furthermore, he generously shares his insights on continuous personal development and how every meeting and challenge contributes to this growth. He emphasizes the importance of creating a comprehensive network and the positive energy gained from both successes and setbacks.

"Development is an ongoing journey—wherever you find yourself, growth happens daily, fueled by both successes and challenges. It's an energizing process."