It's no shock that our company, with its 40-year long legacy of acquiring expertise and in-depth knowledge across various industries and key technologies, has transformed into more than just a cable manufacturer. This transformation was facilitated by our recent investments in infrastructure that now enables us to offer comprehensive electrical system solutions.

With the acquisition of EKD Systems and Sangel Systemtechnik, both long-standing market players, HELUKABEL now offers OEM, customer-specific cable assemblies and drag chains. This is in addition to our existing competencies in designing and manufacturing robotic dress packs as well as cable storage and cutting systems. We aim to provide tailored support to various industries by delivering customized and complete solutions that meet their specific needs.
Customers come to us seeking more than just a cable coil, glands, or a pre-loaded cable sub-assembly. They turn to us for our capabilities in delivering comprehensive system solutions.

Customers come to us when they need cables, but it doesn't take long before they realize our ability to deliver comprehensive system solutions.