HELUKABEL presents an extensive range of power, feedback, and hybrid cable solutions that seamlessly combine two cables into a single, high-performance unit. These innovations are brought to you through our acclaimed brands: TOPSERV® (power and hybrid), TOPFLEX® (motor power), and TOPGEBER® (feedback). Our portfolio caters to both dynamic and stationary applications, accommodating diverse bending radii requirements. We take pride in offering halogen-free and UV-resistant cables to meet the highest safety and durability standards.

Key Advantages of HELUKABEL Servo & Motor Cables

  • Resilient protective cable sheath: Our cables feature robust cable sheath made from PUR, PVC, and TPE materials, ensuring exceptional resistance to chemicals, oils, microbes, and varying temperatures.
  • Extended reach with XLPE-insulated products: For installations demanding longer cable runs, we provide XLPE-insulated options that maintain optimal performance over extended distances.
  • Innovative hybrid designs: experience efficient use of space and reduced weight with our cutting-edge hybrid cable designs, streamlining your setup without compromising on quality.
  • Simplicity in installation: Our cables boast impressive flexibility, facilitating hassle-free and straightforward installation, saving you time and effort.
  • Endurance in motion: Designed to withstand rigorous usage, our drag chain-rated products offer unparalleled durability, supporting multi-million continuous-flex cycles with unwavering reliability.
  • Global compatibility: HELUKABEL's cables hold multiple approvals for both EU and international applications, ensuring seamless integration across various regions.

Cables according to drive technology manufacturers

In addition to the most well-known SIEMENS, BOSCH-REXROTH, SCHNEIDER ELECTRIC, and SEW, we also have cables that support these systems:

  • SICK
  • B&R

Along with many others.

Servo cables efficiently transmit power and signals between servo drive systems and motors, enabling precise control of speed, position, and torque.

Encoder cables, also called sensor cables, transmit signals from sensors to control systems, crucial for accurate motor feedback. Used in applications requiring precise control and performance monitoring.

A hybrid cable is a type of cable designed to provide both power and data transmission capabilities for equipment operating in a mobile or dynamic environment. This type of cable is commonly used in mobile applications. Available in both PVC and PUR.

A motor cable is primarily designed to deliver electrical current from the power source to the motor. It is commonly used in simpler applications where precise control over motor speed and position is not as critical.

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