HELUKABEL Sweden visits headquaters in Germany

Some time ago, our entire team embarked on a memorable journey to our headquarters in Germany. The trip was marked by a delightful blend of enjoyment and serious discussions with our German colleagues about the future and the goals we strive to achieve.

Team HELUKABEL Sweden in front of the HQ building in Hemmingen

  • HELUKABEL Sweden at the HQ
  • HELUKABEL Sweden on a boat trip through vineyards
  • HELUKABEL Sweden in the logistics center in Hemmingen
  • HELUKABEL Sweden at the airport
  • HELUKABEL Sweden in Stuttgart with their German collegue

The trip was the fruit of our shared and accomplished goal, namely to increase our revenue by 50 percent. Each team member made a significant contribution by discovering and implementing new routines and processes, improving our workflow, and exploring new approaches, all the while with a strong focus on staying close to the customer and understanding their needs at the core.

For many within our team, it was the first time visiting the German headquarters. Witnessing the scale of HELUKABEL and the central warehouse, where cables and accessories are dispatched to the world, was truly an unforgettable experience.

"The best part of the trip was that we all achieved this as a team. We reached our goal together, and we were in Germany as a united team. It's truly heartwarming to share this experience with each other," stated Robin Forstner.

The trip has also set a higher level of ambition. Now, we set our sights on the future, and our innovation is evident in how we continually strive to improve and develop our services. We want to be closer to our customers and understand their needs better than anyone else in our industry.

"This journey has somehow raised the bar for our ambition. It feels like we are picking up the pace and pushing the pedal to the metal; now we're on the move!" exclaimed Egle.

Visinting HQ in Germany has given our team new strength to aim higher and work even more harmoniously as we navigate the exciting path ahead. With newfound enthusiasm and a shared vision, HELUKABEL is ready to reach even greater heights in the future, always working closely with our customers, innovating in our methods, and being knowledgeable about our industry and our customers' needs.