When it comes to PV installations, the choice of cables is crucial for optimal performance and safety. There are different protection classes to consider, such as AD7 and AD8, which are common for solar power cables. But what sets them apart? What does your specific installation require?


PV cables with protection class AD7 are designed to withstand short-term immersion in water. The H1Z2Z2-K type solar cables are suitable up to the AD7 protection class, meaning they are protected against brief water immersion, according to the EN 50618 standard.


Cables with protection classes AD8 are designed to withstand indefinite water immersion. If the cables in your solar power installation will not be permanently submerged, AD7 is the way to go.

Our PV cables

Our SOLARFLEX-X H1Z2Z2-K cables have a higher level of water resistance compared to the standard for other H1Z2Z2-K cables that meet protection class AD7. However, they are not suitable for permanent water immersion. By choosing our cables, you can be confident that you will receive reliable and affordable quality cables, along with a partner for your installations who always goes the extra mile.