Mission Control

To develop, build and programme a robotic vehicle similar to a Mars rover – this was the mission of the technical thesis by Steve Kasperek, Benjamin Koch and Julian Korbstein, three students at Heinrich-Hertz-Schule in Karlsruhe. The robot that the up-and-coming engineers constructed can be controlled over the internet and even move independently in automatic mode. However, the first trip was made not over red Martian dust but rather over safe ground on Earth. Like its role model, the vehicle collects great quantities of data using sensors for temperature and air pressure, as well as ultrasound and infrared sensors for environment recognition. This information flows through DATAFLAMM-C-PAAR cables from HELUKABEL. The special data transmission cable is normally used as a connecting cable for signalling, measuring and control purposes in various applications. Ronald Benedek, Key Account Manager at HELUKABEL remembers: “The three lads approached me about the cable last year at the SPS IPC Drives trade fair in Nuremberg and described their project. We discussed various solution approaches and it quickly became clear that our DATAFLAMM-C-PAAR cable was the right one. I immediately promised support.” Fortunately, it was the last major cable that the young group of engineers still needed for their prototype.

robotic vehicle
Robotic vehicle: HELUKABEL supported the technical thesis of three students with the grey DATAFLAMM-C-PAAR cable. (© Benjamin Koch)